Have you ever wished to improve the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or flooring? Do you have tiles that are broken or loose in your home? West Michigan Handyman is your go-to guy for everything tile.

From floor to wall to backsplashes, tile is one of our favorite things to do!


Have you ever started painting a room with the intention of finishing it over a long weekend, only to have it sit unfinished for weeks or even months?

Our skilled painters at West Michigan Handyman provide detailed painting at an affordable price, and we supply the brushes.


The kitchen is the beating heart of the house. Are you tired of that loose faucet? Or want to improve a few parts of your kitchen.

West Michigan Handyman has vast experience bringing dated kitchens into the present, from finishes such as flooring and worktops to major improvements such as cabinet and appliance replacement.


Are you sick of your bathroom’s green tub? Bathrooms are important than in most other rooms. Our team of specialists at West Michigan Handyman is well-positioned to keep up with the current trends.

We can assist you with everything from antimicrobial surfaces and high-tech toilets to fixture designs and shower trends.


Do you require the installation of a ceiling fan? Does your light take a while to turn on? Do your lights seem to be flickering? Fires can be started by loose cables!

Working with electricity can be risky. At West Michigan Handyman, we provide electrical repairs that comply with the National Electrical Codes® (NEC®) set out by the National Fire Association.

Trash Removal

Our professionally trained staff are prepared and trained to remove and dispose of your unwanted stuff in a proper and safe manner.

Do you own or know of a company that is downsizing as a result of COVID-19? We also provide business junk removal services to get rid of those outdated computers, cubicles, and office equipment. 


The basement provides a great room for entertaining as well as additional storage.

Whether you need assistance putting together an entertainment center, fixing a handrail, or replacing a Sump Pump your local West Michigan Handyman has the skills to get the job done perfectly the first time, no matter how big or small the work is.

General Repair

Do you have any repairs at your house or company waiting for a rainy day? Is your budget limiting the repairs you may make to your home or business. When stuff breaks, we fix it!

We can save you the time and money it would take to find and install a replacement for your damaged fixtures and home goods if you call West Michigan Handyman.